Low-Maintenance Look + Some Words of Advice.

Here's a lesson we all need to learn: you're never too good for discount shoes and a cheap dress. What a relief, too, because there's something comforting about slipping on comfy Nikes and an H&M dress. The comfy outfits are always the ones you want to wear again. 


To top off this low-maintenance look, I added a few sweet pieces from my September Rocksbox. I'm not a huge fan of jewelry--I like my clothes to do most of the talking--but I love this dainty necklace... 


And this ring and earrings! The pieces I chose for my box were very modern, and I love that the metals all coordinated with each other. 


I love that fall is coming, but even though I'm more than ready for the temperature to drop, it's always makes me sad to see summer go. Every year, I find myself rushing into the next season, only to be absolutely sick of it after a few months. I'm trying to embrace the season (both literally and figuratively) that I'm in right now, even though it feels like I'm standing on a diving board, peeking over the edge--so much to look forward to, yet so much still needs to be done. I've realized something very important, though, recently, with the help of Simply Tuesday, an amazing book that I highly recommend: Life means the most in small moments, so don't be afraid to relish in them. 

Also, before I forget, I linked a few ridiculously cheap black dresses below.... like under $30 cheap. Yeah, I've got your back. 

xx, Em.