Plaid pinafores & mixing patterns


Fall is officially O V E R. It's a bittersweet thing, because fall in Tulsa this year was straight magic--the leaves were a warm rainbow of colors, and the weather was crisp--but it's time for winter, and, of course, Oklahoma's classic icy wind, which means that, after this post, you probably won't see my legs until next winter! 

I bought this dress a few weeks ago from Forever21, because I had been watching Stranger Things and was feeling SO inspired by the eighties. Lol. So naturally, I had to buy a plaid pinafore dress. Wearing retro and vintage clothes is one of my favorite things--there's nothing that sets your style apart like sporting a different decade, especially when it's a modern take on a vintage style, like otk boots, nike cortez's, and culotte pants.

Dainty little ribbons have been my constant hair accessory, along with lots and lots of braids. Ribbons are so easy to just tie in on a half-up/all-up style, and they add a perfect amount of class to a casual or leisure-inspired look. I've always loved to braid, and lately, I've been trying to incorporate different kinds of braids into my daily looks, rather than treating them as a last resort for greasy hair days. Fishtail piggy-tails=my all-time fave.

All the love from chilly Tulsa!

xx, Em