Fall fashion trends: peg pants

Fall fashion trends: peg pants

IT HAS BEEN A HOT MINUTE, so let me give you a brief life update:

-I started my first adult-job around six weeks ago at the hippest place in Tulsa. It's the bomb, and there's kombucha. If that's not the coolest thing ever, I'm not sure what is. My stomach has never been healthier, or more full of bacteria. 

-Our apartment flooded, and we had to move. Thankfully, nothing was damaged! We're settled in our new place and feeling good about the transition. 

-I'm still following more dogs than humans on Instagram. It's just where I'm at in life. 


BUT onto important details like peg pants and fall fashion... I'm so excited for (most of the) fall trends in 2018! The 80's revival is upon us, and there are so many fun trends to embrace from this era, like hair scarves--a trend I hope never ends--and off the shoulder tops. Peg pants are my favorite pant style for fall 2018, because they meet so many of my style requirements. Classic peg pants have a loose leg fit that slightly slims at the waist. They're so flattering on every body type, including petite girls like me. 


I've linked the exact pair of H&M peg pants I'm wearing in the ShopStyle widget below, but you can also access them here. The bottom cuffs aren't stitched, so there's no need for petite and tall sizes. They're under $30, and you can always rely on H&M for a 15% off coupon. 

This scarf is my favorite accessory of all time. Every time I wear it, someone asks me where it's from. Here's the truth: I love estate sales, and that is exactly where this scarf came from. With that being said, I WILL NOT encourage you to buy one of the $8 scarves linked at the end of this post, because you will have way more fun (and get way more compliments) if you hop on Craig's List and look for an estate sale nearby.