Take a second and look around.... Is the new site beautiful or WHAT?! I'm so excited for you guys to see the rest of it. Be sure to check it out after this post! 


My favorite thing about Pinterest is probably its DIY section. Blame it on my desire to learn (and my stubborn head), but I don't like to buy things that I can easily make myself. This desire has led me to do some pretty interesting DIY projects--like churning my own butter--but I've also learned some of the greatest no-brainer tips ever, like: how to clean your hair tools with baking soda, watercoloring, and how to make homemade mod podge.

DIY projects are fun, productive, and--90% of the time--never let you down. It's so satisfying to be able to tell someone you MADE something. Like with your own two hands. And many hours of churning (applicable to the butter only).

The DIY I'll be talking about today is one of my absolute favorites, because it's a beauty trick that's so easy, you could whip it up in your sleep.




1 T of lemon juice

3 T sugar

2 T of olive oil

Mix the three together in a small bowl and you've got a yummy-tasting, great-feeling, all-natural exfoliator! Massage the mixture on your face for two minutes, taking care to avoid getting it in your hair (I have to wear a headband) then rinse with a washcloth and warm water. 



The best part about this lemon scrub is that it can double as a lip scrub. Just dab it on like lipgloss, rub your lips together a few times, then rinse (lick, hehe) it off!  



Guys, the new blog layout has my whole heart. I hope you are as pleased with it as I am! Take some time to check it out, and let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

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