My Favorite Place to Sleep: Tour My Tiny Dorm.

Living on campus is an adventure--one that largely takes place in my "cozy" (says the realtor from NYC) dorm room. Midterm studying is in full-swing and I haven't seen half the girls on my hall since our Monday night hall meeting. I'm positive they're all in their rooms, studying their hearts out and probably crying.

I, on the other hand, am reaping the benefits of being a Writing major: no tests + just papers = NO MIDTERMS.


So while all my sweet floormates are barricading themselves in their closets--ahem, dorms--I decided to have a little fun and give you guys a tour of my {tiny} dorm!


Here it is, in all its tiny glory! My roommate and I bought matching textured white closet curtains from Target last August and we've loved them. They're so durable and haven't gotten messy at all. Having curtains adds a lot of order to our room, because the white makes the room feel bigger (and hides our messy closets). We share the six drawers in the middle, I use the bottom three because I'm short and my roommate uses the top three because she's, like, 5'8".



My bed and I have gotten very close in the past seven months. The majority of my homework, papers, and Netflix-watching get done here. The mattresses in the dorms at my college are really thin, so my mom bought me this two inch thick mattress pad and I LOVE IT. It is so comfy, and without a doubt one of my favorite things in my room.

On the wall behind my bed is a string banner with my name on it and some tiny flowers I watercolored. I love this banner--it gives just enough color to the wall without overwhelming the space.



My desk is always covered in books and plants, but I tidied up for this picture. My boyfriend took me to Trader Joes on Sunday, and he bought me some herbs for my room because he knows how much I love gardening. They're so cute and smell so yummy.

The books are a mix of assigned readings and books I'm reading in my spare time. My recent fun-read is Yes Please by Amy Poehler. I love Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation is my favorite show) and this book is an easy read.



My roommate and I use the loft for storage and studying. The bin on the right holds extra sheets, big sweaters, and some jewelry hooks. My boyfriend made me the light-up sign with my name on it for Christmas; he's handy, and it's probably the most frequently complimented thing in my room.

Occasionally, I need to crack down and study without being distracted, so I climb up to the loft because it's hard to get sidetracked up there; you can't exactly get up and leave very easily.

Annnnd that's my {tiny} dorm! Sometimes it feels so roomy... other times I feel like I should be wearing a straight jacket, but all in all, it's a great place to sleep, hang out with friends, and grow peppermint and rosemary.



All the hearts (and the herbs),