Have Your Cake and Please Eat It, Too.

 I have a new obsession with an old favorite: the Bundt cake.

Bundt cake! Everything from its effortless shape to its moist, cakey center has me all in a twist.

A few weeks back, I was reading Southern Living’s 50th Anniversary Edition and discovered this beautiful gem called Cream Cheese Pound Cake (recipe here).

Sigh. Just typing the name makes my cream cheese-loving heart flutter.

That Cream Cheese Pound Cake lit a fire in me (metaphorically) and in my oven (literally, because it overflowed). I’ve been baking, pinning, and scouring Southern Living and Pinterest for recipes for the beloved Bundt cake ever since.

The best, and I mean BEST, recipe I have found is for a little thing called Hummingbird Pound Cake (recipe here).

And by “little,” I mean big. As in this cake is a big deal. A huge one.

It’s amazing, it’s fantastic, and it’s a perfect spin on a Southern Living recipe that I adore, but don’t always have time to bake. Using the Bundt pan is easy, time efficient, and creates a cake that is just as delicious as the four-layered version. So if you’re going to a picnic, or just craving really good cake, this ones for you.


Look at it! It’s beautiful. I can’t help it, I’m so obsessed.


While the cake was still hot, I popped it out on to a cake platter and poured some glaze on top, then let it cool for 10 minutes (I’m not patient enough to wait longer than that) before pouring another layer of glaze and sprinkling the crushed pecans over the top.

It’s lovely. It’s rich. It’s also delicious when warmed up in the microwave. I’m ending this blog post now so I can go bake it again.

All the hearts (and the cakes),