How My College Killed Coffee: PART I.

There are some things I thank God for daily, and one of those things is definitely coffee, because let me tell you, 50% of why I'm me is because I drink coffee. (The other 50% is a combination of blonde hair dye and Southern Living.) 

Going to college has left me in a tough spot, though, because the coffee brewed on campus tastes like burnt toast and bad dreams. I tried every coffee kiosk on campus, and they all left me SO disappointed that I started hunting for a place nearby that brewed real, unburnt, not watered down coffee. Lucky for me, my hometown fosters some of the most chill-vibed coffeehouses in the Midwest. I'm actually having to split this post in two because there's so many of them. If you're ever in town and in need of a good atmosphere, be sure to give these hole in the wall joints a visit:

1. The Phoenix. Undeniably the most well-known coffeehouse in town. It's big and wide open, very opposite of your typical dark coffeehouse. It's a collection of cool rooms, featuring the cutest chalkboard wall/menu that I've ever seen. The Phoenix also has live music every weekend, as well as spoken word poetry events. 

I have a ton of friends who go here to hang out and talk. It's normally pretty busy, though, so not an ideal place to study unless you're super focused.

2. The Coffee House on Cherry Street. You know how shady buildings make you feel really antsy? The building you're picturing is where you'll find CHOCS. It's dark, a little dingy, and a whole lot great. All of the furniture is straight from the seventies. Their cake is INSANELY good.

3. 918 Coffee. 918 Coffee is probably one of the best kept secrets in Tulsa. It's the perfect blend of funky and modern, and it's never busy. 

4. Ludger's Bavarian Cakery. Ludger's is actually a bakery, but they also happen to make a DANG good cup of coffee. While you're there, make to sure to try out their Bavarian Cheesecake!

5. The Gypsy. The complete polar opposite of The Phoenix. The Gypsy takes up residence in an old building that used to belong to the Gypsy Oil Company. It's the epitome of a hipster coffeehouse, with dimly lit rooms and old couches everywhere. The ceiling inside is probably my favorite thing about the Gypsy because it's painted to look like the sky. I love going here with my mom and sisters to talk.

College may kill me, but it def won't be killing my coffee without a fight.

All the hearts,



(All photos are the property of the listed coffeehouse)