June/July: Jellys and Jams

June 20 is an important day, because....The summer season is officially H E R E. Even though it's felt like it since like the beginning of June. LOL. For me, summer means a few things: the beach, nannying (two of the funnest kids in the world), and free time (to do things like listen to music, read everything on my reading list, and watch Gilmore Girls). Amen and amen. 

Speaking of music, today I'm sharing a link to a Spotify playlist I made for June & July. Every few months or so, I make a playlist filled with new songs that I'm obsessed with. It's become something that I really look forward to, because I love listening to new artists/coming across artists I've never heard of! So here it is, Em's June//July playlist! Y'all make sure to let me know what songs you like/don't like in the comments!