Fredericksburg, Virginia.

I'm writing this post while watching the Alabama-Clemson game, so the first thing I have to say is ROLL TIDE. 

Our day in Fredericksburg, Virginia, was way too short! We had so much fun seeing all of the colonial homes and old architecture, but visiting Chatham Manor was definitely the highlight. The second we walked into the front garden, I felt like I had walked onto the set of Gone With the Wind. 


Audrey snagged this picture of the walkway out of Chatham. It looks like it's straight out of a story book. 

The old oak tree in front of the house was such a cool detail. It was planted there when the house was built back in 1771 and survived pillaging during the Civil War. Talk about a historical landmark!

That last picture is one of my favorites, because you could see across the river and all of Old Fredericksburg from behind the house. 
I've been seriously obsessed with Zillow lately, so the whole time we were at Chatham, I was wondering about how much it would cost to live there! Haha. Plus all of the upgrades and everything it would need. I bet it wouldn't be an easy project. 

I go back to school tomorrow, and I can honestly say I'm dreading it. I've loved being home with my family and not having to stress out about homework and stuff! If you have any tips for making a closet-like dorm room feel more cozy, let me know in the comments below! My roomie and I would be very grateful :)