Do you ever find yourself wishing for some fresh faces on your Instagram feed? 

Same. Yes. Me, too. I think it's time we deal with it.

So here's 10 people you should follow on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, if you're looking for some new flavor (and some new ideas).

1. Your favorite band. This one is a total given. There are great things about following your favorite band (you get to see their faces all the time) and not so great things (you wonder why you don't get to see their faces in person), But in the end, it's mostly great things, because there's nothing cooler than seeing rockstars act like normal people. 

2. Beyoncé. If you're the kind of person who has a 'pictures worth a thousand words' ideology, Queen B (@beyonce) is your girl. She's very in to posting photos in bulk, but there's one thing almost all of her photos have in common: they don't have captions. I mean, seriously. Beyoncé has posted over 1300 photos on Instagram, and maybe ten of them have captions that extend past the heart emoji. 

3. Chris Pratt. Chris Pratt's social presence is the complete opposite of Beyoncé's, trading in caption-free for caption-plenty. Chris Pratt (@prattprattpratt) might be labeled by some people as an "over-captioner," but I'd have to disagree, because every single one of his captions is either funny or meaningful, and those are two qualities that I appreciate in a caption. With an awesome wife, a cute son, and a lot of witty comebacks, Chris Pratt literally dominates Instagram. 

4. A blogger. No, I am not going to shamelessly promote myself here (yet). I firmly believe that everyone should follow a blogger, because there are so many bloggers on Instagram, Twitter, etc. with such original ideas. Whether it's fashion, food, diy, or lifestyle, bloggers are extremely creative in their approach to life--it's almost impossible not to learn something from them. A few of my current faves are Lindsay Marcella (@LindsayMarcella), Courtney Weston from Always Rooney, (@alwaysrooney) and Andrea from Pretty Proper Quaint (@prettyproperquaint)

5. NASA. For all of you wannabe astronomers (or lovers of Interstellar), you absolutely need to check out NASA's Instagram (@NASA). NASA's feed is full of photos of faraway galaxies and stars, along with details/facts about them. It literally blows my mind. 

6.  A famous animal. Thankfully, there are some really cute ones to choose from, including a pug named Norm (@jermzlee) and a fluffy bunny named Merlin (@merlin_manhattan). Annie and Tucker the White Golden Retrievers are my personal favorites (@tuckerandanniewhitegoldens)

7.  Your grandma. Because honestly, grandmas who have Instagrams deserve respect. 

8. Beautiful Destinations. Much like reading, pictures have the ability to take you anywhere, which is why I love Beautiful Destinations (@beautifuldestinations). Any time I have a serious case of the travel-jitters, I just scroll through their feed and get my fix.

9. Your favorite store. Or, if you're me: stores. 

10.  Me: @em_giddy ;)

xoxo, Em.