Home for the Summer.

Some things never get old, and one of those things is the feeling you have on the last day of school.

After spending nine months cramming for tests and living with forty girls in a literal closet, I moved back in with my parents for the summer.

Repeat--I moved back into my house. With my parents. And three siblings. And two dogs. And cat.

It's too good to be true!

I'm not even kidding. Mostly because at home I can garden (ahem, and spend time with my family) and I have full reign of the kitchen (plus my family will be there), which is awesome because I love to cook (oh yeah, and hang out with my family). I have a fun little list of some recipes from Southern Living, Pinterest, and my grandma--because who do you trust in the kitchen more than your grandma?--that I'm planning on trying this summer, but that list inspired me to make another list of the things I want to accomplish/experience this summer.  I immediately started writing the list and maybe got a little carried away! Some of them are kind of silly and others are a little more hardcore, but I'm excited to share them with you in hopes that maybe you'll be inspired by them, too! 

01. GROW MORE GOODS. Y'all my garden is TIGHT this year. So far, I've reaped some good-looking radishes and lettuce, and there's other beautiful things that are growing there, too, like green onions and tomatoes

                                                                 The peony bushes at my Grandma's house have my heart!

                                                                 The peony bushes at my Grandma's house have my heart!

02. READ MORE BOOKS.  My favorite professor from school gave me a list of summer reading books and I can't wait to dive into them. I haven't gotten to read for pleasure since school began and that kills me because reading is one of my favorite hobbies.

03. RUN MORE MILES. If you know me, you know I love going for a midnight run. Last summer, I was running around five miles a day in hopes of tackling my first half marathon, but after I had surgery in the fall I had to quit for awhile. This summer, I'll be focusing on getting back into long runs because I'm missing them a lot.

04. EAT MORE FOOD. Like the good kind. There are a ton of restaurants around town that I'm planning on checking out in the next few months + recipes I'm wanting to try. 

                                                                                     White House Mansion in Jenks==So dang cute.

                                                                                     White House Mansion in Jenks==So dang cute.

05. SLEEP MORE HOURS. 'College' and 'sleep deprivation' are synonymous terms. Nine hours of sleep a night? I'll take that.

06. LOVE MORE PEOPLE. It's a well-known fact that the people you should love the most are often the ones who are hardest to love. This has been on my heart lately and I pray that this summer will be a time of growth in this area because everyone deserves to be treated like they are significant and loved.

07. LAUGH  MORE OFTEN. In this past year, I've experienced some things that have made me a little jaded. I need to daily remind myself of what a blessed life I have and also remember to not take myself too serious. Life is way too beautiful for me to get upset about silly things.

08. USE MORE WORDS. This is a weird 'Writing major' fetish that I have. I dig descriptive, pretty words and also enjoy using them in conversation (pushes glasses up nose & wheezes). Call me a nerd.

09. SHOP MORE OFTEN. You guys already know that I'm a firm believer in online shopping (if not, click here) and love to do that as often as I--I mean, my wallet--can.

                                                         Super cute Mary Janes from Urban Outfitters--PERFECT shoes for summer.

                                                         Super cute Mary Janes from Urban Outfitters--PERFECT shoes for summer.

010. TRAVEL MORE OFTEN. This one is sure to happen, stay tuned ;)

011. SPEND MORE TIME doing fun things like hanging out with my family and friends. 

012. WANT 'MORE' LESS. However ironic it is. Lol.

Loving this list & you,