Growing up, I had the privilege of attending a private school where we wore uniforms every day. Awesome school, awesome memories, but for all of its pros, my high school had one minor con: after graduation, I was left with seven khaki skirts and no idea how to dress myself for everyday life.

And so began my shopping adventures!

In high school, I shopped at a lot of thrift stores. They were full of great clothes at great prices, but I felt like I was just buying pieces that didn’t actually fit with my style.

This past summer I started to face my fashion fears and shop around in order to shape my style into something that was trendy, yet still fit my (slim) budget. *all you college students out there, can I get an amen?*

Here’s a few things I’ve learned so far:

Scream it. SALE. I hate full price. Full price is my enemy. Half-price, or even HALF of half-price will get me singing. Y’all know. As I started to develop favorite stores to shop at, I made sure to sign up for email updates that kept me informed on both in store and online sales.

I also quickly discovered how much I value quality. Don’t get me wrong, I heart cheap clothes- but I heart cheap, well-made clothes way more.

I love neutrals. Black. White. Grey. Black. Beige. Brown. BLACK. I’m automatically more likely to love you, appreciate you, or pay for your coffee if you’re wearing them. I want them all. I love them all. I WEAR them all.

Holey is holy. I used to be kind of afraid of holey jeans. I thought cool rocker chicks were the only people who could pull them off. Alas. That was a lie. Everyone can  wear them! You! Me! My grandma! Your grandma!

What a time to be alive.

Hat (Forever21), Wool Sweater (Ann Taylor)

Hat (Forever21), Wool Sweater (Ann Taylor)

Black Ripped Girlfriend Jeans (GAP), Cow Suede Booties (GAP).

So there you have it. My greatest weaknesses: online sales, wool sweaters, gravy, and the clearance rack at Gap.
We’ll talk about the gravy thing some other time.


All the hearts,