I sold all my clothes on instagram

Photo credits go to Josh Crow Photography, check him out. He's the bomb.


I sold all my clothes on Instagram this past month, and I'm really glad that I did, because I didn't like looking at them anymore. 

I haven't shopped in over a month. I haven't even scrolled through GAP's sale section or added anything to my clothing wish list. 


This past month, I've changed a lot, but not in a New Year, new me, way--although the timing makes it look like that.

Have you ever made a grand self-discovery that changed everything about you, from the way you carried yourself to the things you bought? Something so gut-wrenchingly honest that it's almost physically weighing you down to carry it, but you'd rather carry it than ignore it. 


I'm a very introspective person, and sometimes it's a super bad thing, because I'll chase an idea around in my head until I've pinched, pulled, and twisted it from every angle possible. About a month ago during church, a seedling of that craziness planted itself in my thoughts. Its voice said something like this: Why do I care about fashion? Why do I own clothes that I don't wear or don't love? 

So I started thinking about it, and by Monday I had created an Insta account and listed half of my clothes for sale. The other half followed later on in the week (it's a lot of work taking pics of stuff, ok don't judge), and for the first time in awhile, I felt like I could breathe. My clothes were gone, and I was still here. Just me and the bare necessities.


It's interesting what happens when you sell a bunch of stuff that you think you need. It's like ripping off a giant band-aid and discovering there's not a wound underneath it. I thought it'd hurt--and it did a little--but it sure didn't linger. 

In classic unwinding fashion (puns for days), I've been spending more time doing substantial things the past two months, like reading book and speaking to real humans, rather than scrolling through online sales. I still love fashion, but I'm working towards loving it in a more responsible way. 


As for EM, don't you worry about a thing, because the blog is for sure not dead. I'll still be posting consistently on fashion and life, because looking good and being cute are still important to me. As I carve out my own new niche, though, things are definitely going to be taking a different turn around here. EM will always be about fashion and life, just in a new and different way. 

With love from my significantly emptier room, 


Photo credits go to Josh Crow Photography, check him out. He's the bomb.