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Why I Buy Resale

Emma GiddensComment
Why I Buy Resale

The more I fall in love with ethically-made clothes, the more I fall in love with secondhand shopping. Resale is an untapped resource for quality clothing from upscale brands. It feels good to support brands that care, and buying secondhand pieces from a conscious brand is a great way to wear clothes you love, while also preventing excess production.

Some of my favorite pieces are resale/vintage items. I love that secondhand shopping takes a bit of hunting—things aren’t always sorted by size, style, or gender, but it’s a surefire way to find unique pieces for your closet.


I bought this Everlane pinstriped blouse off of Poshmark. It’s in perfect condition! It’s made of an amazing material called GoWeave that is light, airy & doesn’t wrinkle easily. I wore it out on a super hot humid day, and it didn’t stick or feel stiff. I love the boxy shape; it looks so modern and effortless.


If you’re new to resale shopping, here are a few of my favorite online stores:

Shop away!