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What I'm loving lately

Emma GiddensComment
What I'm loving lately

To break up the monotony of outfit post after outfit post, I thought I’d write a post all about what I’m loving lately. It’s definitely not all clothing-related, but it’s good to twist things up, right?

  • Hart of Dixie (my new cozy go-to show)

  • Reading right before bed

  • Cooking for friends. My friend Lily came over for brunch this past weekend, and I loved cooking for her! It wasn’t anything difficult—just avocado toast with eggs, and dutch pancakes covered in powdered sugar and chocolate chips—but it was fun, nonetheless.

  • Thinking about fall, even though it’s 95 degrees outside. I love the lull between seasons and clearly Tulsa does, too.

  • Thrifting & sewing. They kind of go together, since I end up sewing most of the things I thrift.

  • Creating stuff for youth. I’m the volunteer creative director for our youth ministry, and I love planning & executing projects with my team (the Social Queens + Evan!).

  • Watching/reading/listening to tutorials. I like learning stuff, and right now I’m consuming everything I can find about the Adobe Suite, haha.

  • The Curly Girl Method. Wavy hair is so fun.

  • @cheapoldhouses instagram. My mom got me hooked on this account. Their bio says, “The most architecturally-intact rabbit hole you’ve ever fallen down.” Sigh, it’s true.

  • Cute videos of horses. It’s as silly as it sounds.

And that’s me in a nutshell! What are you loving right now?