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The Key to Thrifting Great Clothes

Emma Giddens1 Comment
The Key to Thrifting Great Clothes

When I’m looking for a great piece of clothing, I don’t immediately jump on H&M’s website or drive to the mall and scour the racks.

The first thing I do when I’m looking for a great piece of clothing is try to find it used. I’ve always loved thrifting, but in the past year, it’s become my favorite way to buy clothes. Thrifting is the bomb-diggity for so many reasons:

  • One of a kind pieces to make your wardrobe unique

  • So affordable (most of my thrifted items cost less than $6)

  • The opportunity to make something amazing (Maddie’s denim jacket is a great example)

  • Buying secondhand is better for the environment


Sometimes thrifting can be intimidating…sometimes thrifting can be downright gross… but if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that thrifting is 100% worth it. The key to thrifting great clothes is patience and that can be a huge pain, especially when you’re used to shopping online & getting immediate gratification. It might take a few weeks & a dozen eBay searches to find that perfect Levi’s denim jacket, but it’ll be that much more gratifying when you do!

Maybe you can’t afford your favorite brand first-hand, so why not try buying secondhand? The jeans I’m wearing in these photos are Everlane (my favorite brand) and I bought them on Swap for $29! A total steal, and they’re like new.


When you’re patient, sometimes the perfect piece of clothing will come to you. This Levi’s denim jacket was my grandpa’s and my little brother has had it in his closet for years. He gave it to me this past week, and I am absolutely smitten. Family heirlooms are so sentimental to me… I can’t wait to pass it down to my kids one day.


Does thrifting scare you? Do you have questions about it? Comment them below & I’ll answer!