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Styling a DIY skirt

Emma GiddensComment
Styling a DIY skirt

I used to think DIY clothes were dorky. They all looked so handmade and (most of the time) weren’t my style at all. I’m glad to say that since I discovered the Essentials Club, I no longer think DIY clothes are lame—in fact, I think they’re cooler than any mass-produced item. Just think: You’re wearing a one of a kind piece; made by you, for you. It’s definitely something to be proud of, especially when it doesn’t have that off-trend, handmade look, haha.

IMG_2077 2.JPG

I made this skirt from a pair of shorts that I found at Goodwill. I loved the elastic waist (it reminds me of my J. Crew skirt from this post) and soft cotton material. It’s been the best addition to my summer wardrobe… matches with everything and brings a touch of femininity to any look, which is a trait my wardrobe lacked.

IMG_2102 2.JPG

It only took me 30 minutes to make this skirt, thanks to my trusty Singer. I followed Maddy from the Essentials Club’s tutorial. She gives step by step instructions in a blog post and youtube video. I’ll definitely be trying more of her tutorials soon.