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Steve Madden cork platforms

Emma GiddensComment
Steve Madden cork platforms

Summer is here, and my truest form has returned. Any day of the week, you can find me stealing a few moments in the sun. I’ve been taking my lunch break outside, because when it’s sunny & 79 in Tulsa, I cannot spend 9 hours indoors. I keep rushing home from work to check on my garden, because I am officially a crazy plant lady. I had three big Anaheim chilis waiting for me when we got home from vacation, and I was so excited; I carried them around all day! They tasted wonderful in tortilla soup. Mmm. There are a few green bell peppers that will hopefully be ripe soon, and I can’t wait to use them for a summer dinner.


These Steve Madden cork platforms are my favorite pair of shoes right now. You can easily sport them with skinny jeans, wide legged pants, or a dress. Basically, they’re perfect for every situation, and anything that effortless has my stamp of approval. I’ve linked them in the widget below, and lucky for you, they are on sale!

I’ve been wearing wide legged pants every chance I get—like, probably every other day. I love anything retro, and I think they’re the perfect blend of retro and minimalist style. They’re my new go-to pant for when I want to feel dressed up, but still comfortable.