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A skirt on sale!

Emma GiddensComment
A skirt on sale!

Late July feels like the end of summer in Tulsa, but it never is. The heat and humidity persist well into September or October, killing every plant and turning fall into a weeklong season that’s over by Halloween.

With all of the hot months ahead, I’m still knee-deep in summer shopping. J. Crew had a great sale a few weeks ago, and this green skirt caught my eye. I love the utilitarian design and front pockets. It’s made of soft cotton, and perfect for the humid 95 degree days we’re having.

IMG_0370 2.JPG
IMG_0357 2.JPG
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I’ve been making a lot of ice cream lately. We bought the cutest little ice cream maker, and it will not be leaving our kitchen island for the rest of the summer. I’m testing all kinds of flavors and recipes right now, and having such a fun time taste-testing, hehe.

I made peach ice cream last night, and it is so good! It has the perfect amount of sugary peaches blended with vanilla ice cream. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

IMG_0367 2.JPG

My skirt and ice cream maker are both on sale right now! How funny is that? I linked them in the bar above, but you can shop the ice cream maker here and the skirt here, as well.

xx, Emma