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Bringing color back into my wardrobe

Emma GiddensComment
Bringing color back into my wardrobe

I love timeless color combinations. My favorite one of all? Black & white. Not only is black universally flattering, it also carries a certain classiness that other colors don’t. Black says, “I’m serious,” without saying “I’m boring.”

But here’s the deal: I can only wear so much black and white. It’s my go-to, my love, my uniform, but wearing it everyday has left me feeling a little uninspired. I wanted to add some color, while still keeping a neutral-themed wardrobe where (almost) everything in my closet matches.


This orange Eileen Fisher canvas jacket is the perfect addition to my all-black closet. Summer can be a tricky season—you can only wear shorts & a blouse so many times—but this jacket is light enough to toss on for an evening out. The shape is perfect; it’s boxy and a little short-waisted, which makes it flattering on petite girls (it comes in regular sizing, as well!). I’m also in love with the mandarin collar… It’s the detail that really sealed the deal for me when buying this jacket.


So listen, if we were sitting together right now, I would get very serious, and tell you NOT to buy this jacket online unless you have to, because it is so much cheaper in store at Nordstrom Rack. Like $48 instead of $80. I’ll also tell you that it runs very large—I’m wearing an XXS, and it’s still baggy enough that I’ll be able to wear a sweater under it this fall.