The best affordable outfit

The best affordable outfit

My closet has never been perfectly curated. I like to drift between styles & concepts, because I kind of love every style of clothing—one day I’m a modern minimalist; the next day I’m a vintage hippie. As you can imagine, my closet is kind of a mess of different pieces that really don’t flow together, which is why I’ve been living in the most basic styles while I figure out how to blend my vintage-loving, minimalist-inspired wardrobe.

IMG_9016 2.JPG

The more I stick to my basics, the more I love them. I’m veering away from overly trendy styles and finding ways to wear elevated pieces, like a black cropped t-shirt and some raw hem pants. The cuts & materials may go out of style, but overall, this look is as classic as it gets. It’s also super affordable, especially when there are extra discounts available!

One of the things I love most about shopping is the hunt. I love finding a piece of clothing, then watching & waiting for it to go on sale. There’s nothing more rewarding than getting a piece you love at a great price. This whole outfit is versatile, too. You can find a black boxy crop at almost any store, and wide leg pants are so popular & easy to find.


And just for fun, here’s a pic of my beautiful friends & my amazing husband. He was our “instagram husband” the other day, and got this great picture!