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Honeymoon in Paris: An afternoon at Le Louvre

Emma GiddensComment
Honeymoon in Paris: An afternoon at Le Louvre

After taking a day to rest and recuperate, Garrison and I were ready to tackle the Louvre. We were both so excited to visit, see the art, and spend the day lazily strolling around the museum--silly me! While it definitely didn't end up being the lazy stroll I thought it'd be, our afternoon at the Louvre was completely magical.

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The Galerie d'Apollon was one of my favorite halls in the Louvre. It was so detailed, as you can tell from the photo! There are portraits of famous kings and artists built into the walls, and in the center of the room in a large case are the French crown jewels. 

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Garrison and I made it a point to visit Cour Marly in the Richelieu wing while we were at the Louvre. I had seen photos of the glass ceiling, and was so excited to see it in person. There were sculptures everywhere; it reminded of the scene in Pride & Prejudice where Elizabeth, her aunt, and uncle visit Mr. Darcy's home. We spent awhile just hanging out on one of the benches and people-watching. 

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Aile Denon was absolutely breath-taking. There were people surrounding the statue, all trying to get photos of this famous headless statue. I was so happy to get this photo with only a few people in it! 

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